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PLANET: Venus/ Shukra GEMSTONE: Diamond

Briefing the Nature of the Planet

Venus Planet is mainly associated with family life, taste and business/livelihood. The benevolent influence of Venus favours accumulation of wealth, jewellery, landed
properties, happy home life, success in business and occupations, controlling obesity
and fatness.

Favourite Colour : Light Blue, White
Favourite Day : Friday
Favourite God / Deity : Goddess Lakshmi

The ill effects of Venus can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.
• Giving away in charity on any Friday, the light blue cloth, rice and Mishri (Sugar Crystals) to the poor is considered to minimize the ill effects of Venus and add the favour of the planet.
• White horse donated in charity is also remedial measure to combat the ill effects of Venus.
• Using white or light blue coloured clothes on Fridays may go to please the Venus Planet.
• Bathing the idol of Lakshmi with Milk, Honey, Ghee (Butter Oil), Curd, Sugar - Together called Panchamrit will please Venus Planet because, She i.e. Goddess Lakshmi is the Lord of Venus.
• Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi with white flowers and sandalwood paste (Tilak) regularly will appease Venus.
• Offering White Flowers and Sandalwood in Hawan (Fire Sacrifice) with the chanting of the mantra of Venus Will bestow the grace of Venus.
• Spraying of lotus scent on oneself and in the house is also recommended.
• Frequent use of Curd in diet also brings favour of Venus Planet.
• Wearing of diamond ring on Friday on small finger and continuing to wear it for a long time substantially improves a person's well-being, earning and status. It is also noticed that, this may also control the obesity of body.
• Reciting Venus Vedic Mantra helps to appease the Venus Planet.
• Chanting Venus Beej (Seed) Mantra.

Venus is feminine and gentle. An embodiment of love, he is a benefic planet and governs the refined attributes, romance, beauty, sensuality, passion, sexual pleasure, marriage, love matters, comforts, luxuries, jewelry, wealth, prosperity, art, music, dance, theater, actors, poets, musicians, the season of spring, rains and aquatic creatures. In the body he rules over the reproductive system, eyes, throat, chin, cheeks, and kidneys. Mercury and Saturn are its friends and the Sun and Moon are its enemies. Mars and Jupiter are neutral in friendship to Venus even though Venus considers Jupiter its enemy. Taurus and Libra are the zodiacal signs whom Venus rules, and Venus gives good results when placed in theses signs. When rightly aspected Venus is strong, and it brings wealth, comfort, attraction to the opposite sex in the early part of life, a well-proportioned body, and the attractive features necessary for a sensuous nature. It makes its natives tender, gentle, and considerate; lovers of jewelry, sour (pungent) taste, white dress, decoration, perfume, tasty food, and the fine arts. It inspires them to be poets, musicians, and seekers of truth and knowledge (secret sciences). The native loves the company of the members of the opposite sex, artists, and musicians.
When afflicted or ill-aspected, Venus creates problems in marriage. It causes diseases of the eyes and ovaries. The native may suffer from gout, cysts, swelling of the internal organs, anemia, eating and drinking, venereal disease. The nakshatras connected with Venus are Bharani, Purva Phalguni, and Purvashada. Sagittarius and Capricorn are its friendly signs and Cancer and Leo its enemy signs. Its greatest influence on an individual extends from the ages of twenty-five to twenty-seven.

Venus / Shukra Mantra to Chant
Aum Shum Shukraye Namah Aum

Gemstone for this Planet: Diamond

Most attractive to the eyes, the diamond is famous for its play of colors. It emits a very delicate bluish, reddish, or a mixture of blue and red radiance of glittering luster when exposed to light. The gem is luminous and dazzling, and emits sparks of light. A fine diamond is effulgent, radiant, and delightful. It is as soothing to the eyes as the Moon; it is lovely and magnificent and has the self-luminous quality of a clear crystal. It is brilliant and radiates rainbows of light all around. Ancient Hindu scriptures mention eight types of diamonds. They are Hanspati, Kamlapati, Vasanti, Vajraneel, Vanaspati, Sbyamvajra, Telia, and Sanloyi.


Following are the general properties of Gemstone
Planet : Venus
Cosmic Color : White
Sign : Taurus, Libra
Element : Water
Time : Sunrise
Day : Friday

Transparency, smoothness
Pleasant appearance
Play of colors - spraying blue, red, and rainbow-colored rays
Good color: The finest diamonds are colorless

Flaws in a Diamond:
• Dullness
• Feathers of a crow
• Red spots
• Black spots
• Greasy
• Pale or brown in color
• Ridges on the surface
• Brittleness

Effects of wearing a Diamond:
The wearing of diamond is much beneficial to poets, painters, artists, actors and sellers of perfumes and ornaments and their makers too. Diamond gemstone is advantages to confectioners, hoteliers, gold sellers, doctors and sellers of sugar and rice. The wearers of diamond can be saved from ominous things and evil spirits such as witches, ghosts, black magic and even the effect of poison also decreases. Diamond gemstones increases the stamina and makes the marital life happy and permanent. Diamond gemstone also improves health, checks untimely death also. Diamond gemstone is advantageous in diseases like epilepsy, impotency, rheumatism, hydrocil, shortage of semen and other sexual diseases.

Rituals for wearing Diamond Gemstone
The weight of the gemstone should not be less than 1 Ratti (121 mg).
Diamond/White Sapphire should be studded in silver or platinum.
After washing with water and unboiled milk and chanting Mantra, it should be worn in the little/middle finger of the right hand.
The wearer should donate white cloth, rice ground - sugar and money to a Brahmin. Elephant, white cow or white horse should be fed with fruits.
Day for wearing: Friday
Time for wearing: The best time to wear a diamond is between sunrise and 11:00 A.M.

Diamonds are found in South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Australia, Russia, India, Brazil and Venezuela.


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