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GRAHA: RAHU GEMSTONE: Hessonite / Gomed

Briefing the Nature of the Planet

The planet Rahu relates to mind, insanity, Epilepsy, fights and trifles, and fruitless wonderings many a times.

Favourite Colour : Cola, Blue, Black
Favourite Day : Saturday
Favourite God / Deity : Lord Hanuman

The ill effects of Rahu can be minimized and the good effects can be increased according to Indian mythology by doing the following tasks. Any or all of these, one can select as per one's convenience.
• Donation in charity, a piece of cloth of cola colour or blue cloth to some needy person on any Saturday, will gain favours of Rahu.
• Donating in charity if possible Gold or Lead also appeases Rahu.
• Distributing Til (sesamum seeds) and mustard oil on any Saturday is another proposition to please the Rahu.
• Offering Black Flowers in Hawan (Fire Sacrifices) will go a long way to appease Rahu.
• Charity of black/Cola colour blanket in winter and also using black/Cola Colour blankets for self brings favour of Rahu.
• Deep devotion and worshipping Lord Hanuman with favourite Mantras, Hanuman Chalisa regularly at least for 40 days is a powerful source to appease Rahu.
• Eating of oily foods (if not hazardous to health) on Saturday is likely to retard
the annoyance of Rahu.
• Burning of Guggul (Gum bdellium olibanum) everyday in worship at least for a month is also recommended.
• Reciting Rahu's Vedic Mantra with Red Sandal or Rudraksha Beaded Garland is likely to bring encouraging results.
• Chanting Rahu's Seed (Beej) Mantra with Red Sandal or Rudraksha Beaded Garland is likely to bring encouraging results.

Dr.Head / Rahu
Rahu is regarded as similar to Saturn in its effect. Smoky blue is its color, instinctual and animalistic its nature. Rahu is interested only in achieving all that gives pleasure, and even if it achieves all it wants, it is never satisfied (which is true of our animalistic nature). Although Rahu rules no sign of the zodiac, the zodiacal sign Virgo is its sign. Virgo is in fact assigned to Mercury, but Rahu being akin to Saturn and Mercury being a friend of Saturn, Rahu thus has authority over Virgo. Friendly signs are Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces. Cancer and Leo are its enemy signs. Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are friendly planets. Rahu is an enemy of Sun, Moon, and Mars. Rahu gives auspicious results in Taurus and Libra. Rahu is capable of giving power when rightly posited or exalted, and it gives fame, success in politics, money, and physical beauty (i.e., attraction).
Rahu gives its effects between forty-two and forty-eight years of age. Although it gives beneficial results while posited in the above-mentioned signs, and houses, the gains obtained during its major period do not last long, and one always feels anxious and dissatisfied, even if one gets everything one desires. Rahu creates physical and mental illnesses that cannot be diagnosed and cured easily. It gives suicidal tendencies, fears, phobias, poisonous bites, murder, theft, imprisonment, and diseases like cholera, dysentery, skin diseases, swelling of the uterus, and constipation.

Dragon Head / Rahu Mantra to Chant
Aum Ram Rahuve Namah Aum

Gemstone for Rahu: Hessonite/ gomed

A good-quality hessonite, the gemstone of Rahu, is one that reflects a nice honey color. Zircon has a considerable range of colors and is found in red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and brown shades. Blue and green hessonite or the white colorless variety of hessonite is not associated with Rahu. A pure and transparent hessonite having a delicate hue, brilliance, lustre, and uniform color neutralizes the evil effects of Rahu, and if Rahu is well posited it gives beneficial results during its major period and sub-periods, removes fear, creates clarity of mind, and helps spiritual growth.

General properties of Gemstone
Planet : Rahu
Cosmic Color : Ultraviolet
Sign : Aquarius
Element : Ether
Time : Sunset
Day : Saturday

Attractive shape and size
Uniform color
Freedom from layers
Tender and smooth feel
Evenness of surface and waxy adamantine finish
Color similar to the clear urine of a cow
High specific gravity

Signs of well-placed Gemstone

Rahu is a spiritually inclined planet. When it is well-placed, the native usually has very strong spiritual tendencies, desire to do goodness to others and detachment to material goals. He is very influential and respected in society.
Power, fame, political success, money.

The gemstone helps to prevent the following diseases :
Cancer, fears, phobias, undiagnosable illnesses, poisons.

Effects of wearing a hessonite/gomed:
If Rahu is powerful in man's horoscope, it causes or bears many diseases, like mental strain, disturbance in abdomen. Man afflicted by Rahu faces hindrances in his business, struggles in life, continuous shortage of money, disturbed conjugal career, quarrel between husband and wife, a situation to be divorced and nightmares.

Hessonite gemstone is also useful to those who want to get success in law practice, court affairs government service, political spheres, gambling or any unsocial, illegal activities. Enemies can't stand longer before the wearer of Gomed. Blue and green hessonite or the white colorless variety of hessonite are not associated with Rahu. A pure and transparent gomed gemstone having a delicate hue, brilliance, luster, and uniform color neutralizes the evil effects of Rahu, and if Rahu is well posited it gives beneficial results during its major period and subperiods, removes fear, creates clarity of mind, and helps spiritual growth.

Rituals for wearing Hessonite Gemstone
The weight of the gemstone should not be less than 3 Ratti (480 mg).
Hessonite should be studded in silver ring.
After washing with water and unboiled milk and chanting Mantra. It should be worn in the litle/middle finger of the right hand.
The wearer should donate sesame seeds, mustard oil, blue cloth, blanket and money as much as possible to a Brahmin or priest and horse should be fed with grass and milk offered to a snake.
Day for wearing: Saturday
Time for wearing: The best time to wear a hessonite ring is two hourse after the sunset.

Hessonite gemstone is found in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Tanzania, Madagascar, India, Sri Lanka & East Africa.


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